The Concept


What is Greenify and how does it work?

Greenify is a WebApp which can calculate, track and improve the carbon footprint of your corporate IT. Through an easy to use Web interface the user will be able to enter all the relevant data, such as IT devices, servers, cooling systems, travel expenses and much more.

This data will then be used to calculate the total CO2e emissions of your corporate IT, covering Scope 1, 2 and 3. The results will be displayed in a user friendly dashboard which will help you identify your biggest improvements opportunities and track your emissions over time.


Why is Greenify relevant for companies & organisations?

Companies & organisations have a critical responsibility to bring their practices in line with this global climate target. According to the Boston Consulting Group 96% of their customers have already set targets in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, yet only 11% are on plan to meet their targets. This is not surprising when we learn that only 9% of them are measuring their emissions comprehensively, and a whopping 81% of them do not focus on their total emissions, only parts of them.

Without sound understanding of total internal and external emissions how will a company know where to focus reduction efforts? Achieving the ambitious goals set by the Paris Agreement will require companies to measure exhaustively, accurately, and frequently. But why are so many companies reportedly struggling to accurately calculate emissions? The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-Protocol) is a worldwide acknowledged standard for measuring and managing the total CO2e emissions of companies.